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NCDGC Officers and Directors - 2015 Season

Club Officers

  • President: Jon Boothe
  • Vice President: John Jennings
  • Secretary: Austin Montgomery
  • Treasurer: Ryan Haunfelder

Volunteer Directors

  • Director of Course Maintenance: Chris Brubeck
    • Assistant Maintenance Director: Jeff Wyssenbach
  • Competition Directors:
    • Leagues: Chad Johnson
    • Tournaments: (depends on the event)
  • Membership Director: TBD
  • Communications/Marketing Director: KC Terry

* If you don't see email addresses above, you may have Javascript disabled. We encourage those who choose not to enable Javascript to contact us via social media (Facebook, Twitter or Disc Golf Scene).

Contacting the Club Members

At this point, the best way to contact members of our club is directly, through our Facebook group. Here you'll find many discussions about a wide variety of disc golf topics, but usually with a local focus.