~ Club Membership ~

What does your membership get you, you ask?

Leagues!!! All year we hold leagues on Tuesdays. during the warmer months we hold multiple league nights at various locations. Tags will be in play.

Match Play!!! - You get an invite to the matchplay event hosted by NoCo - Must be a member to compete in this event.

Tournaments!!! - Tournaments like St. Patty's Day (March 12-13) and other fun events.

Club Championship!!! - As a tag holding member you get an invite to the year end NoCo Club Championship and year end party - Must be a member to compete in this event

Wrightlife discount!!! - Being a member has it's perks. The Wrightlife offers a generous 10% discount off new plastic!

And last, but best of all.... You are helping to support your local club! We work with the cities and local land owners to continuously improve the sport of disc golf in Northern Colorado. Let us know if in the comments if you have any interests or skills and would like to help out the club in any way. Eg. landscaping, metal fab, tournament help, etc...

Thank you for your support and "Throw em straight!"

Cost to join this season is $20. All memberships purchased online will be shipped, so if you'd rather pick it up locally, swing by a local event to grab one in person. Also, there is an extra dollar added on to cover the Paypal transaction fees.

The Wright Life disc store in Fort Collins usually keeps a few membership packages on hand as well. Ask next time you're in, you may be able to join the club next time you're picking up a new disc.